Wednesday, February 04, 2009

DAIWA Steez Hi Speed

Light weight meets “light speed” in our new Magnesium-bodied 103SHA and 100SHA Steez baitcasters with blazing fast 7.1:1 retrieve. The lightest baitcasters of their kind are now also among the world’s fastest. Cast all day long without fatigue. Rip lures back to the boat and cover water with incredible ease. Overtake big bass with unmatched power, precision and performance.
You won’t want to fish with anything else. Matches perfectly with Steez Bass Rods.

Steez™ 7.1 Ultra High Speed Features:

- Ultra-fast 7.1:1 gear ratio
- Starting at just 5.6 ounces, they’re the lightest high-speed reels of their kind
- Eleven precision ball bearings, plus roller bearing
- Magnesium frame and handle-side sideplate
- Swept handle for less wobble, better feel and maximum winding leverage
- Tough, A7075 tempered aluminum drive gear and phosphor bronze pinion
- Free-floating A7075 aluminum alloy spool starts faster, spins longer
- Fast spool changes
- Magforce®-V automatic magnetic spool brake
- Eight-disc wet drag with precision click adjustment
- Precision-click free-spool adjustment
- Infinite Anti-Reverse

Power Matched Handles
Longer handle of the extra-capacity STEEZ100SHA gives extra winding power for heavier lines and loads.

Built For SpeedUltra high speed retrieve for those special techniques and tactics.

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Calcutta TE DC

The original Digital Control reel delivers longer casts with less backlash.

The Calcutta TE DC is a “smart” baitcasting reel that uses eight different pre-programmed braking patterns. It gives you longer casts and fewer backlashes, requires less effort and it’s quick and easy to adjust.
  • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
  • Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System
  • A7075 Aluminum Spool Super Free (SF)
  • Digital Control High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
  • Super Stopper with Assist Stopper
  • Dartainium Drag
  • Clicking Drag Adjustment
  • Clicking Cast Control Adjustment
  • Recessed Reel Foot
  • Drilled Crossbar
  • Cold Forged Handle Shank
  • Adjustable Handle Shank
  • Rubber Handle Grip (except 250)
  • Septon Handle Grip (250 only) P
  • addle-style Grip (except 250)
  • PV Power Paddles (250 only)
  • Machined Aluminum Frame
  • Stamped Aluminum Handle Side Sideplate
  • Titanium Levelwind Insert
  • Metal Series
  • Platinum Service Plan

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Featuring the new Propulsion and Paladin systems as well as the Aero Wrap II system, the Stella FD features a magnesium frame and sideplate along with an aluminum rotor to achieve its light weight, while maintaining its strength. The Stella FD also features a proprietary gear coating on top of the normal Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement that increases its durability even more.

  • Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement Propulsion Line Management System:

  • Propulsion Spool Lip, SR One-Piece Bail Wire, Power Roller III, Redesigned Bail Trip, S-Arm Cam
  • Aero Wrap II Oscillation
  • SR-Concept: SR 3D Gear, SR Handle, SR 3BB Oscillation, SR Balanced Body, SR Floating Shaft, SR Boltless Mg Body, SR One Piece Bail Wire, SR Slider
  • S A-RB
  • Magnesium Frame & Sideplate
  • Aluminum Rotor
  • Aluminum Spool with Titanium Lip
  • S-Concept: S-Rotor, S-Guard, S-Shield Roller Clutch, S-Arm Cam
  • Rigid Support System: Rigid Support Drag, SR Slider
  • Machined Aluminum Handle
  • Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread In Handle Attachment)
  • Septon Handle Grips
  • WP Drag (Waterproof Drag)
  • Maintenance Port
  • Fluidrive II

  • Dyna-Balance
  • Super Stopper II
  • Repairable Clicker

Spinning A New Revolution

Redesigning the entire high-end spinning lineup was more than a challenge. Rather than just adding ball bearings and changing appearance, the ultimate goal was to introduce groundbreaking innovations that would change the way spinning reels functioned. The end result, developed over a three-year period, was a myriad of new features designed to enhance your overall fishing experience.

First, a complete analysis of fishing with spinning tackle was undertaken. Interviews of guides, dealers and everyday fishermen were conducted, as well as hour upon hour of field testing to determine what areas of current spinning reel designs needed the most improvement. The result of these studies gave 3 critical targets:
  • Gear Durability

  • Casting Performance
  • Line Management

These critical targets evolved using the SR-Concept. The SR-Concept combines the new concept of Reliance with all the aspects of the original S-Concept: Smooth, Silent and Strong.

From these critical targets evolved several new features that will drastically enhance the fishing experience for anyone who uses these new spinning reels. On any of the new Stella FD, Sustain FE, Stradic MgFB, Stradic FI and Saros F reels you will find some, or all of the following new features:

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Van Staal Spinning Reel - VS SERIES

You won't find weak die-cast aluminum or plastic in these reels. Van Staal premium spinning reels are expertly crafted from high-grade titanium and steel, the same materials used to build today's advanced aircraft. And this means unyielding strength and consistent peak performance each and every time you tackle the mighty ocean.

The patented maintenance-free drag system features stainless steel ball bearings and an impenetrable gear case. The reel is sealed and water-tight to keep salt, sand and problems out, letting you fight the biggest fish in the harshest elements with no worries. Translation: "the one that got away" will be some other guy's story.

Experienced anglers know the challenge isn't hooking big fish, it's landing them. Enter the hardened stainless steel Main Gear, oversized so it will never slip or strip under pressure, providing you more fish-fighting torque per crank of the handle.

Penn Big Game Reel - International® Torque™

After a long day of fishing off the Florida Coast testing products, a Penn Engineer and Penn’s CEO were engaged in conversation. For years, reel companies mimicked Otto Henze’s original patent of using a bridgeplate to mount the gear stud and main gear. At the time this was innovation and creativity at its finest. However, with the great advances in materials and machining capabilities, the question was posed, why were companies using decade old technology when a better, stronger, and more reliable design could be used? A new, revolutionary concept was quickly sketched on the back of a napkin and a new Patent was born. From this innovative and revolutionary patent, Penn is proud to introduce a truly unique reel design, an Integrated Side Plate. This integrated Side Plate (ISP) serves as the basis for a new series of reels which is introduced over the next few pages. But before its introduction, a bit more discussion of the Integrated Side Plate design is warranted.
  • Lightweight and Strong Aluminum Alloy; Forged & machined Frame, Spool, and Side plates
  • Infinite anti-reverse Roller Bearing PLUS Double Dog system Backup
  • Precision Machined Stainless Steel Main Gear (6.3:1 Gear Ratio)
  • Heat-treated Stainless Steel Pinion Gear for strength
  • Versa-drag, Multiple Drag-stack Arrangement
  • Disengaging Pinion for superior Free Spool
  • Oversized Soft-Grip Power Handle
  • Four Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Stainless Steel Reel Stand
  • One-Piece, Open-Top Frame

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Team Daiwa® Viento™

Here’s all the performance and reliability you’d expect from a tournament grade Daiwa baitcaster. But with one added feature you’ve never seen the likes of before. There when you need it—out of the way when you don’t. Daiwa’s revolutionary Twitchin’ Bar.™

Team Daiwa® Viento™ Features:

  • Twitchin’ Bar
  • Free-Floating Spool
  • Six stainless steel ball bearings, plus roller bearings
  • Magforce® magnetic anti-backlash control
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Lightweight perforated aluminum spool
  • Precision machined high-strength alloy gears
  • Rigid one-piece aluminum frame and sideplate
  • Micro-click, precision drag adjustment
  • Massive, seven-disc stainless and fiber composite drag system
  • Titanium Nitrided line guide aperture, ultra smooth and cut proof

Aluminum Frame and Sideplate Ultra-firm drive train support for greater power and less wear.

TD Viento's Twitchin' Bar makes it the most innovative reel on the market.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Abu Garcia® Cardinal® 806

Abu Garcia has once again raised the performance bar with the Cardinal 800 spinning reel; combining extreme durability and advanced engineering to create one tough spinning reel. The Cardinal 800 has it all - high performance gearing for strong, smooth retrieves, a bearing supported Carbon Matrix™ Drag System, shielded HPCR™ stainless steel bearings, aluminum alloy components and an Everslik™ coated mainshaft for unmatched performance.

Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® Line Counter Reel

The palmable line counter that counts in feet. The Abu Garcia Line Counter reel feattures the Abu Garcia Carbon Matrix Drag system, corrosion resistant instant reverse bearing and a line out alarm to make your trolling more precise.

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Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur® EXT

Proven Swedish design in one of the finest baitcast reels ever built. The EXT features a 1-piece extruded aluminum frame, stainless steel ball bearings and a Carbon Matrix Drag system for extremely smooth casts and flawless retrieves - no matter how long or how hard you fish.

Abu Garcia® REVO™

Abu Garcia® is starting a revolution with the new REVO™ series of low-profile baitcast reels, the fastest low-profile reel Abu Garcia has ever designed. The tough REVO is packed with innovative features, including a Duragear™ oversized brass main gear for maximum cranking power and the innovative Carbon Matrix™ Drag System for incredible smoothness across all drag settings. The reel also is designed with aluminum components for light-weight performance and lasting durability.
The Linear Magnetic Brake™ system found on the SX and STX models allow anglers a wide range of adjustments to fine tune the reel for any application. In addition, the STX model features an Everslik™ coated pinion shaft and pawl, which dramatically reduces friction for enhanced casting while improving the durability of these components. The STX also features the innovative Infini Spool II™ system, which is separated from the drive train, minimizes friction for optimal performance – even with the lightest tackle. Built tough with Abu Garcia’s traditional Swedish engineering, the REVO is ideal for nearly all freshwater applications, from casting crankbaits or spinnerbaits to pitching and flipping softbaits.